New MG advice please?

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New MG advice please?

Post by Ricky123 » Sat Sep 11, 2021 4:11 pm

Guys. I have my eye on two nice little 2002 MG TF 160. I wanted a MX5 (being honest) but the money is not really available, and I saw a MG today and thought wow! Classic. One has 70k and the other 45k on the clock, both are immaculate on the surface.

My questions are thus: Is the a good car for a newbe, someone that could not do is own service work, and would have to rely on a little garage I know. its not a main car, and would only be used in summer, mostly, maybe 3k a year or so?

Should I trust the dealer or take a mechanic with me?

What should i ask the dealer, he is a main MG dealer near me. if I want to buy, how long a test run should I have?

Sorry if all this is old to you all, but to me its new and important, thanks all in anticipation.


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