Some Faults are Occurring

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Some Faults are Occurring

Post by PMG » Sun Jan 02, 2022 12:41 pm

I have posted previously about my 2020 MG ZS EXclusive, and I still like the car a lot. However I am getting a bit worried because the car is doing some random things I wish it was not doing.

The mileage is now at 9000 miles approx and apart from the following problems it is running well. The faults are random and probably somehow connected (software can do strange things) so I am currently in a watch and wait condition. Just for info, the low mileage is not an indicator of small town trips – the car has spent most of it’s low mileage on a dual carriageway. It gets a good run.

Firstly the infotainment screen randomly goes blank and then restarts and carries on as if nothing has happened. The car does not misbehave during this event and everything keeps working that the screen is controlling. This has happened four times now and there is no pattern to it.

Secondly, the car has not started on two occasions. It cranks over healthily but will not start – not even a splutter. I have a couple of ideas which I will apply if ever it happens again. Fortunately I have excellent hearing so I will be listening for the fuel pump priming when the ignition is switched on - if I can't hear it then that is the problem. The other idea is to do with the anti-theft system not disengaging and subsequently killing the ignition – I think that is how works. So if it happens again I will cycle the lock and unlock on the key fob and see what happens.

It isn’t related to the E10 petrol because the first time was before the change over. And on that subject, E10 petrol is the work of Satan. It sucks big time. My mpg crashed and the car felt niggly. The solution is use the 97 octane, which is still E5. I do and the car loves it.

I have not been in contact with the dealer yet but I suspect I will at some point. Really looking forward to that – not.

So there we are. I am not getting too bent out of shape because cars do go wrong, and MG will be no worse or better than any other manufacturer. I will follow up with any developments. Wish me luck.

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