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Timing Cover Stripped Thread

Posted: Tue Nov 20, 2018 3:42 pm
by Red Midget
Having a persistent and most annoying oil leak from the front of my Midget 1500, I decided that I would remove the timing cover and try to stop the leak. While in the process, I decided that I might as well fit the duplex chain and sprocket kit.
Fitting the kit was simple but when refitting the cover I found to my dismay that the cause of the oil leak was the fact that the bottom thread had stripped and I could not get the required torque on it.
The only option appeared to be to fit a helicoil insert, but there is just not enough room to drill/tap and fit the insert.
My query therefore is - does anyone know if it is possible to renew the front engine crank seal block whilst the engine is in the car?
I was hoping that maybe this could be done from underneath by removing the sump.
Any help or suggestions will be much appreciated.