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MGJ2 J4129 Ex-Brooklands Midget

Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2016 9:47 am
by MG Maverick
Hello, I own two MGJ2s, both dismantled and repatriated from Cyprus where they have lain since the 1980s. The owner died and I purchased the cars from his widow. I did not know the prominence of the second later J2 J4129 until later when the J2 was identified. The first, earlier J2 J2353 is a standard J2 with cycle wings. They are considered as ' barn finds ' . Some of the parts of J4129 are still in Cyprus, the chassis is being restored by a Georgian chassis repair specialist ( his specialism whilst serving in the Russian army in Afganistan ). I am building J4129 on the chassis of J2353 so that there is no delay until J4129s chassis is finished and shipped to the UK > I will them swop everything over. Both cars dismantled parts were stored in thirteen packing cases, some parts that were too badly corroded/surplus to requirements were stored in a damp lockup in Cyprus, this has now been cleared, the rest was shipped back to the UK October 2013 and was delivered to my house from Liverpool Docks 24th February 2014. J4129 in the ownership of Dudley Howard Cottingham came second at the JCC ( Junior Car Club ) Trials in March 1935, Dudley was subsequently killed a month later in J4129 , at 2am 6th April 1935 along with his friend/passenger Marjorie Emily May Gush. The J2 skidded, hit a post and overturned, ending up in a ditch with two feet of water in it, Dudley was killed instantly and Marjorie drowned. Dudley was the secretary of the Harrow Car Club, where Sir Stirling Moss and his family forged their careers, the club is still going and they have provided much information from their archives.