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Having problems with my most turbo conversion

Posted: Sun Nov 10, 2019 12:37 am
by Turbot5bri
Hi guy's am new to mg's i have a 2004 zr which at some point has had a mgzt 1.8 petrol turbo conversion..

Recently my bottom end has a accident resulting in failure..

I have changed full engine to a none turbo 1.8 lump and put all parts off my turbo on to it including flywheel,inlet,coil packs...

I have made correct modifications to the sump from my oil return feed from turbo..


Can any body tell me if my camshaft sensor and crank shaft sensor fitted from original turbo lump would stop the modified (none turbo engine from running? When try to fire up it fired and cuts straight out

Please help asap as is killing my brain trying to work out PROBLEM

Many thanks