Restoration advice MGB GT

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Restoration advice MGB GT

Post by chrishall1456 » Tue Mar 05, 2019 8:39 pm

Good afternoon chaps,

I am new here. I have a few questions i hope that you can help with. advice and opinions really.

I have taken on a restoration project (MGB GT 1974 - Chrome bumper Firey red)

I have had the car painted and is going in for the windows to be put in shortly.

I was looking at the engine and the hose that goes from the Brake servo and is (looks like it is) supposed to go into the top of the engine block but there is a bolt plugging the pipe. Does anyone know why this would be? and would it be safe to reconnect that hose to the engine.

I have also heard mixed views on what wheels i should put on the car, at the minute there are Ro-style wheels on the car (Need re-furbed). i cannot afford to buy wire wheels and the converter kit for them. Could anyone let me know if i am best off leaving the Ro-style wheels on the car and re-furbing them or do people prefer a different wheel on the 1.8?

Thank you in advance for any advice.


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Re: Restoration advice MGB GT

Post by Not_Anumber » Thu Mar 07, 2019 8:30 pm

Which end of the pipe is plugged with a bolt, is it the servo end or the engine end ?

The brake servo would normally be powered by the vacuum from the inlet manifold.

The only time really I would expect to see that vacuum hose to be disconnected and blocked would be if someone had removed the brake servo to fit an earlier, non servo assisted brake master cylinder.

In your case it's likely to have been someone's idea of a temporary work around. If the servo was leaking vacuum this would have the effect of allowing air into the inlet manifold. This would disrupt and weaken the mixture and make the car impossible to keep on idle and generally not run very well at all. Plugging the hose would stop air getting into the inlet manifold so getting around the engine issue but frankly would make a bit of a pigs ear of the braking, requiring a lot more pressure on the pedal than most drivers are used to. Its the sort of work around which would be fine for having the car running to move it around a yard whilst it was being worked on but needs to be sorted before it goes back on the road.

Try reconnecting it, see if it has an effect on the engine and if you can hear a hiss. If so either rebuild the servo with new seals or just find a good second hand one that will do the job.

Rostyle wheels seemed to go way out of fashion for a long time even for some of the purists. Lots seemed to change to either V8 style alloys, Minilites or converted to wire to give a deliberately more historic look. People will all have their own views but I have to say I like the ro styles. Cleaned up, nicely painted, with good centre caps and with a set of chrome or stainless trim rings they have a purposeful look about them that says sporty but in a solid and understated way. There was a reason Ford used ro styles for their 1600 E Mk2 Cortina and Rover put some huge ones on their 3500 P5 b.

Chris S

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Re: Restoration advice MGB GT

Post by chrishall1456 » Thu Mar 07, 2019 9:11 pm

Thank you Chris, i took the car to get windows in yesterday and your completely right, the brakes are really weak, It is disconnected from the engine side, the hose is still connected to the servo side and the servo is still there ( The side that would connect to the engine is really shabby so ill have to replace that hose. The car idles really bad so i am going to get the carbs rebuilt to see how it runs and then try reconnect the hose to see if that affects it.

Ill keep you updated, hoping to get the rebuild in next week if i can.

Kind regards,


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