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MOT exemption

Posted: Fri Oct 06, 2017 3:28 pm
by Cyprinus
Hello every-one, my first post on here but read a few older posts, any way what do you think of the MOT exemption of 40 plus year old vehicles?
Will there be an influx of 40 plus year old cars that are MOT exempt, and POSSIBLY not up to a very good mechanical safety standard do you think?
Will insures of classic vehicles want some form of paperwork from an independent body (an MOT station perhaps) to say that the vehicle is in a safe and road worthy condition? if so it's just the same as the MOT really.
I was speaking to a gentleman from a historic and classic vehicle museum just over a week ago and he seemed to be thinking on the same lines as I am. It may be very interesting to see just what does happen.
I am in the process of going through the mechanical's on my car an MGB GT registered on 30- March 1978 and I think I may still take my car for annual test as a matter of course.
I read in a classic car mag that it is to be automatically enforced? if that's the correct word (I don't have the mag to hand to quote what they describe it as) so when my car gets to 40yrs old it will automatically be exempt from MOT, BUT I will have to wait until 2019 for it to be tax exempt. I suppose that's because of the revenue from Vehicle Excise Duty is much greater than that from the annual MOT test. Some one did suggest to me that IF I can prove that it was built before 1st Jan 1978 that I can apply for tax exemption. I wonder if a Heritage Certificate would be the proof that is needed?

What are your thoughts?