MG GT as first car?

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MG GT as first car?

Post by jamarityler0 » Fri Dec 21, 2018 2:30 pm

yo yo. i'm a boi from across the pond and i'm looking for my first car and the Mercedes R107 is my type of style but it's too damn expensive, but i found a huge number of MG cars for sale in my area. i found this that really caught my eye:

i noticed that the price is quite low which (for me) is kind of red flag knowing that this is a rare, older sports(ish) car and there can be a world of problems with something like this.

there isn't too much info on these babies here in the US so i sought to ask you guys if you would recommend one of these as a first car.

so i'd just like to ask; how reliable are they, is the manual trans. easy to get used to, is there any tip i should know about these?

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Re: MG GT as first car?

Post by MGB » Fri Jan 11, 2019 9:29 pm

Hi sorry for the slow reply but I would highly recommend an MGB GT for your first car!

An MGB GT was actually my first car and I still have it many year's later. It is ideal as a starter car if you don't mind learning about how to fix a car and do basic maintenance and get your hands dirty a little. If how cars work interest you then I'd say get an MGB GT.

They're also very practical and very reliable once all the teething issues and problems with such an old car are sorted out. But you learn as you go along and work on things and fix each thing.

Lots of boot space in the back for a sports car as the small back seats drop down flat. And you have those small back seats there for kids or passengers or a dog etc when you really need it. Lots of leg room in the front too.

And although no one thinks of MGB's as fast these days, they really aren't slow at all. I cruise easily at 70mph on the motor way in mine and the top speed is over 100mph, so not slow at all and will even beat some modern cars!

Once you get some slotted and drilled front brake discs and a few modern improvements added to the car like electronic ignition you'll have a real nice motor!! :)

Best of luck and let us know how it works out if you buy one please...

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