1969 MGB GT Brake Bleeding Problem

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1969 MGB GT Brake Bleeding Problem

Post by Muttontop » Mon Nov 21, 2016 4:36 pm

Hi, can't find anything about this in the search box so I'll ask the question.
After having a caliper fail and losing all of my brake fluid I replaced both calipers with new ones and overhauled the rear brakes (new shoes, one new piston and one new adjuster). Following the correct two man procedure I bled the brakes starting at the rear nearside, then rear off side, front nearside and finally front off side. Immediately after bleeding the pedal was solid, but when left for a few minutes the pedal went to the floor and then regained its firmness after a few pumps. With the engine running and the brakes pumped and the pedal held down I cracked the union on the nose of the servo then tightened back up. I did this a few times and this improved the situation as the pedal now only drops about halfway on the first depression followed by a firming up on subsequent pushes. I then did the same at the master cylinder end of the same pipe with no discernible improvements. Toying with the idea of by passing the servo (69 plate MGB GT) to see if that is the problem as I'm told servos were not generally fitted to these cars of this date and that by passing the servo will have a minimal effect on braking. Not sure where to go from here as I don't particularly want to by pass the servo , has anybody any further ideas?


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