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MG 75 Years Car Club Gilt Finish Grille Badge For Sale

Posted: Sun Aug 25, 2019 1:22 pm
by Marcus0105
Good day,

I have had this MG car club badge for a few years now, it was given to me as part of a house clearance from the family of a elderly gentleman that I knew well.

The grille badge is 12 out 251 made & is to commemorate 75 years of continuous service to MG enthusiasts worldwide. Made by Gladman & Norman Ltd.

I just don’t have a use for it to be honest & i’m doing some clearing of bits from my own house so I just wanted to see if it is worth anything.

I’m unsure of it’s value, so any offers are welcome.

Comment below or e-mail me @ -

Kind regards,

Marcus Willmoth