Think I’ve bought a nail.

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Think I’ve bought a nail.

Post by New2mgf » Fri May 22, 2020 3:08 pm

Hi. So basically purchased a car from a Mg “specialist” local to myself. Don’t know where to start with it... so sluggish! Chugs along like a bag of nails handles horrendously. Noticed it had new suspension on front and arms but tie rod is almost snapped on drivers side... would that give such an unpleasant ride? On the engine side of things My first thought would be replace coil packs and spark plugs? I’ve put good fuel in her..the car is a 120bhp 2002. My daily drive is an Audi A3 2005 140 diesel turbo running mint... is that why the Mgf feels like garbage because I’m used to the Audi??,, I can’t believe the Mg dealer sold me a car in such a bad way. I expected a zippy little car and have got a noisy snail. :( I have no history for the vehicle nor proof of head gasket etc 83k on clock so gotta have been done? Purchased the car really hung over ... kicking myself for being reckless but not the first daft thing I’ve done and defo not the last! any advice appreciated. New to the forum. Regards jay

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Re: Think I’ve bought a nail.

Post by Not_Anumber » Wed Jul 15, 2020 5:09 pm

Do you have reason to believe the car dealer has misrepresented the car to you in any way. For instance had you bought the car purely on their description in an email and only seen the car when you went to collect it; if so the distance Selling Regulations might apply.

If you had seen and driven the car prior to purchase can you be sure it was the same car or could the dealer have shown you one MGF of that spec and age and actually sold you a different one that looked similar ?

If neither of the above apply i would try approaching the dealer to say you have made a mistake, the car is a disappointment and you want him to reverse the transaction. If you offer him a £ 100 to ensure no bad feelings then you are likely to get a kinder reaction than otherwise.

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