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Hello and Help :-)

Post by snaredrum » Sat Jun 20, 2020 12:05 pm

Hello Newbie here ! I have a 2005 ZS 120 and have had 2 good years out of it BUT my head gasket has gone,I was ging to scrap it ( I really dont have time or money and I need a car for work ) BUT i found a chap who is going to do HG and a few other bits n Bobs at a reasonable price and I borrowed a friends motor till its done ( next weekend ) I need to find some bits and bats but cant find any stockists ( Ive googled and tried Ebay and a facebook Mg group and have had no luck so I thought I would join you guys and inquire....

Im after the drivers side window guide trim and the rubbers that go in the door frame for window...My glass goes stright up ( out of rubber seal/guider and then I cant lower it back down ( nightmare in this hot weather ) any suggestions ??

Thanks in advance Mark

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Re: Hello and Help :-)

Post by Not_Anumber » Wed Jul 15, 2020 5:12 pm

Do the head gasket yourself, it will save you money and provide a great sense of satisfaction. Always buy the reccommended type of after market gasket and ideally get the head checked and skimmed if necessary if there is any warpage.

Ebay for window guides and rubbers.

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